About us

Established in October 27, 2002, the date of The CHP Charity
Foundation’s founder, Chung Hwe Park. He was born in October 27, 1941 ata small island, Jindo, Chulanamdo province in Korea.

His life in the states :
As he reminds the haif of life in America since 1972, he said, “The time when | came to the states as an international student Eat in New Jersy, the life in an unfamiliar foriegn country was so harsh to survive, but it became later a firm base of the confident and oye she 52 e success of my life.” Now he is a CEO of the JIC, a real estate Investment / development company throughout the united states, also foreign countries, including Korea.

His childhood

Same as the students whom he has been supporting, he also grew up under single mother’s family. After his father, who was passed away at his age 6, he struggled with the reality of the life since then. He also has a sore memory that he had to be out of the class and stayed in a hallway, while other his classmates were talking classes because he was not able to afford to pay the tuition when he was in elementary school. This is why he can truly and fully understand the students who has single parents, yet bears a big dream with unlimited capabilities and potential possibilities .