My Name is mark Kim
When I grow up, I will be a Doctor. Because I will help someone if they are hurt. First I will give them a shot then I will give them a bandage. and the cooker is I will make food for them and the Doctor is I am going to help someone and if the babys are going to do a shot, I will give them a sticker to make them feel better. Someone give me sweather and food and shirt and pants or something thank you for everything. And you are so nice. I will help my family if my sister is going to do a shot. I will give them a toy or a stickers. and the cooker is that if someone is eating food and they want more food. I will give them more food. I promise that I will take care of my sister and my mom too. If someone needs help. I will help them. Thank you for listeniong to my story. If you be nice to me I will be nice to you

Thank you

Mark Kim, Mary Gage peterson Elementary School, 7years