Hello. My name is Shanna. I am truly honored to receive this scholarship from the Chung Hwe Park Charity Foundation. I am gracious to receive this golden opportunity that I have intended to achieve. Many questions wander in my mind. What will this scholarship do for me? And how will I use this to benefits others and my self?
I currently have a family of 3 members. My mom, my brother, and myself.
With this scholarship, I am planning to save up for college, which will not only help my mom with the funding. But it will also give me hope that I can do something greater. As you may have heard, “Little things make big things happen”, a small change can make a big differences. Considering that this is true. I believe that this could be the beginning of something new. Maybe I can use this scholarship to support myself to achieve a new future. Maybe I could use this to help my family with their health problems. Or maybe this will be the reason why I make certain activities worth it. All thanks to the funding. There are many options that I can do with this reward. What this really signifies is the thought that counts. The thought of how something small can create such a big impact leaves me speechless.
For my future career, I will focus on medicine and treatments. This fund will become a great support when I choose my new career. I really look forward to becoming a pharmacist! My main purpose to achieve this goal is to help the unfortunate and ill patients, especially the Korean Community. This reward will offer me a boost into getting one step closer to my goals.
Although, there may be obstacles to overcome throughout my life, I believe that this scholarship has made me become more aware of what’s ahead of time. Because of this reward, I feel more accomplished and it provokes me to word hard to earn more.

Thank you.
Shanna Song, Rolling Meadows High School, 16 years old